In 1992, Mr. Peter Lutz founded BEKON Umweltschutz und Energietechnik GmbH. As reliable partners in the projection, planning and supervision of successful project and installation construction sites, the company has been able to achieve a steady development from its foundation. In 1995, Mrs. Peter Lutz and Johann Storr founded BEKON Lärmschutz und Energietechnik GmbH, which could establish itself as a specialist consultant. In 2002 BEKON Energy Technologies GmbH & CO. KG was born. From then on she transposes her Know How into the biogas sector. The BEKON dry biomethanization technology developed and patented by Mr. Peter Lutz has opened up potentials - until now - not used for the biogas gain.

In 2007 TEJOORI Ltd became a partner of the BEKON group. BEKON is your competent partner for tailor-made biogas solutions. Whether for project development or for planning and construction: Your needs are our scale. From pre-planning to commissioning, we offer you general concepts that are technically and economically well optimized. More than ten years of experience in environmental technologies help us in our projects. We work with the belief that the future belongs to Renewable Energy. With the beginning of the 21st. Century, a branch of the economy perfectly new for agriculture and for municipalities opened: The production of heat and electricity from biomass with the help of biogas technology. The biomass produced contains a considerable energy content.

Using the BEKON Biogas technology, high quality biogas will be produced and converted in power plants into electricity and heat. The compost produced is of high quality and can be used as optimal and valuable fertilizer in agriculture or horticulture.

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