Since 2001, Bionest has made its mark on its immediate market in Quebec, but also elsewhere in Canada, the Caribbean, Dubai and France. Bionest designs, manufactures and markets equipment that is at the cutting edge of domestic wastewater treatment solutions.

It relies on a highly motivated team of more than 100 employees in its main facilities in Quebec as well as in its offices in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, France and, recently, in Dubai.

This team is largely responsible for the success of the company and continues to feed it by bringing rigor, professionalism, passion and resourcefulness.

The certifications and certifications obtained from the many independent organizations in North America and Europe attest to its outstanding performance.

Bionest's mission remains the development, development and commercialization of treatment systems that are as close as possible to the removal of contaminants released into the environment while remaining robust and simple to install, simple to maintain and highly portable. competitive.

Bionest will be pleased to show you how you can combine environmental protection and peace of mind by offering solutions that meet your needs.

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