In operation since 1998 as fitter, then as an importer and exporter of air conditioning systems CHATRON has been expanding its market and its field of work for the whole country.

In 2004, important decisions were made in the medium term important options for your future. They built new plants to optimize production and development, which allows the manufacture of new air conditioning equipment in small industrial units and the development of new solutions for export

CHATRON currently has a total area of ??about 5,000 m2 of offices, laboratories, development, production and warehouse, located in Vale de Cambra Industrial Rossio, in 'one of the most industrialized regions of Portugal (about 40 km south of Porto). The products marketed by CHATRON are developed and manufactured most, in this new and modern factory. Best suited for industrial air conditioning, CHATRON has all products for air conditioning, ventilation, filtration and environmental, air treatment, and all accessories and steel sheet for air ducts.

Department of Development and Innovation

With a team of Mechanical, Electrical and Environmental Engineers, the Chatron Development and Innovation Department also has the support of community colleges and the Portuguese Scientific University, for the development of new products in the field. air, as a result of the new trends in the present in terms of reducing energy consumption and the use of renewable energy basically

Chatron Laboratory

Tests and measurements of all goods and sampling of them (depending on the product) before their arrival in the market. Also tests all the prototypes until they are ready to go into production. Biocoolers, Humicool Panels and energy recovery units represent an innovation and a positive evolution in energy saving for the preservation of the environment. Chatron's growth has been verified because the world is waking up to this new reality that is protecting the environment and reducing excessive energy consumption. If we can have the same comfort effect use less energy and pollution of the environment, why not?


Production With centralized management system of production orders comes directly from the commercial sector, which also also sent the list of components automatically to store, which provides all the accessories for production. Production has a new line of assembly and assembly, controlled 24 hours a day, with a rigorous quality management system.


The quality of the products replaced by the organization of the entire structure of the Company. To do this Chatron has a quality system covering all sectors, from employees to the final product. The evaluation of employees and products by the end customer is part of our strategy to produce more and better serve those who opt for products made in Chatron.

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