Cleartec Water Management GmbH

In 2005, took over the environmental activities of textile producer Langendorf Textil GmbH & Co. KG.

First and foremost, the most important was the development of an international distribution of the Cleartec® Biotextil system. This innovative system proved its worth in the mid-1990s in communal and industrial wastewater treatment plants by improving decomposition efficiency, increasing capacity and saving volume.

For now, the Cleartec® Biotextil system is successfully used in 20 wastewater treatment plants around the world. Nowadays Cleartec Water Management GmbH finds new fields of application for the proven system in other areas of water preparation and is also working on the modifications of Cleartec® Biotextil for application areas. special.

To broaden the range of products, Cleartec Water Management GmbH works in various fields of the environment by collaborating with other companies and research institutes. The aim is to introduce into the portfolio product niches with great market potential.

The base

of the Cleartec Water Management GmbH is in Marktrodach, near Kronach in Upper Franconia. The team there is assisted by cooperation partners, mainly from Germany, as well as by distribution partners and international advisers.

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