The company GUIDETTI S.r.l. was created in the 1980s around the Concept and the need of our environment today: recycling. Our company was founded on the research and development of innovative products in the fields of industrial waste recycling equipment and crushing equipment.

The concept and the idea of ??our fabrications are born from the needs of the users who find in our products a response to the treatments of the waste and the reuses of the materials which induces for our clientele the satisfaction on several levels:

Economy: time-saving profitability at all levels of recycling, financial profitability, labor savings, high efficiency;

Ecology: dry running, re-use of materials;

Innovantion: unique in their kind: these have been designed according to criteria of weight and size which allow a mobility and a simple use on various spaces of intervention as much of the domains of the industry of the building as the public works.

All projects are designed by GUIDETTI S.r.l. by a team of qualified engineers led by the designer himself Mr. Mauro Guidetti. Careful manufacturing is done in our facilities where every step of the design, assembly and testing of each unit can be controlled by a team of specialists.

The facilities of GUIDETTI S.r.l provide a great potential for development both at the level of the assembly lines and at the level of the necessary logistics. Our commercial distribution network covers a large territory in the Italian national market as well as in the international market. The development of recycling products will continue to maximize the percentage of recycled products.

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