H2O is an international SME specialized in the field of recycling and industrial wastewater treatment for the metal processing and surface treatment sectors.

It designs and builds vacuum distillation plants. H2O GmbH is of course present all over Europe but also has customers in North America, Australia, Russia and Asia. To date, more than 750 installations have been delivered worldwide.

The heart of the range is the VACUDEST® evaporators, a brand that celebrates its 20 years of existence in 2006. The advantages of VACUDEST® evaporators are their universal use for various effluents.

The high quality of the distillate free from salts and heavy metals makes it possible, unlike other techniques, to recycle this distillate in a closed circuit. The processing capacity of VACUDEST® evaporators ranges from 20 to 2000 liters per hour.

The studies we carry out for our customers range from the analysis of effluents or process water in the company's laboratory to commissioning, in collaboration with the integrators. We also offer maintenance contracts to optimize operation.

Each installation is started by H2O technicians before being entrusted to the customer. If the customer wishes, we will provide personalized training on the use and maintenance of our facilities either on site or in our premises.

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