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At SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, our experts help minimize unplanned downtime by understanding your refinery’s specific needs across the span of your operating processes and utilities ? then quickly implementing customized solutions that ensure safety, secure operational continuity, and optimize costs and resource efficiency. Channeling more than 50 years in the oil & gas industry, our team tailors proven solutions to your specific refinery and region ? so you can focus on growing your core business. For more information on our refining industry solutions, visit: Contact us: 0:00 Oil & Gas introduction 0:29 Crude Unit 1:16 FCC Unit 1:50 Hydrotreaters 2:12 Influent Water 2:22 Cooling Systems 2:39 Boiler Systems 2:56 Coker & Visbreaker Units 3:22 Amine Sweetening 3:34 Process Water Stripper 3:45 Finished Fuels 3:55 Wastewater Treatment 4:05 Wrap-up

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