R-Series Multifunction Body


R-Series Multifunction Body
Description :

The bucket is constructed with rigid fold on the upper part and at its base and boxed by a plate of 150x10 across the width.The opening of the jaw is adjustable.Building available from 1.70m to 2.60m. FlatLink)

Grapples available:

GR: Grapple flanged flat teeth (x7) GR.K: The same as forgings electro-forged, 35mm lg 680mm (x7)

GRL.S:GRL.S.2E: Grapple flat teeth welded thickness 20mm with 2 blanks connecting the teeth to each other

MRK: Jaw fingers electro- Forged 35mm lg 680mm, mounted with anti-swivel ring (x7)

MRK.D: Jaw of electro-forged fingers 35mm lg 680mm (x12)

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