Res-Kem started as a distributor of ion exchange resins and filter media and continues to do the same today with a much more complete line of products to offer. With the addition of partner Bob Hader in 1984, Res-Kem offered renovation, repair and rebed to customers in the Greater Philadelphia area. To win the trust of these customers Res-Kem began designing and manufacturing complete water treatment systems for commercial and industrial customers. Many of these systems continue to operate more than 20 years later. Today Res-Kem sells end users of commercial, industrial and municipal equipment directly and through a representative network.

In 1985, Denise's brother Michael Urbans joined Res-Kem to start the residential wholesale water treatment business. The company sells residential systems to major media and plumbing appliances, well drillers and water conditioning dealers. Res-Kem does not sell to the public, choosing to stay behind the scenes helping customers solve water problems as they occur nationally and neighborhoodally over neighborhood neighborhoods. Since 1985, Michael has helped designing new products in conjunction with several major manufacturers - Calgon Carbon Corp and Purolite. Michael Urbans was the president of the Eastern Water Quality Association (EWQA) in 2006.

Res-Kem and general water

Res-Kem started building a De-ionizer (DI) service company in the early 90's. To more closely manage this business unit, General Water Services Corp. was founded and started operating on January 1, 2000. General Water does business at the regional level, supplying customers in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland with rented bottles or rental DI until to 30 cubic feet for water purification for process applications.

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