RICO was founded more than 30 years ago. Today, RICO is one of the world's leading providers of video inspection technology for the public and private sector of freshwater and wastewater.

RICO has the widest range of products. We have available the necessary inspection techniques for conduit diameters from 20 mm to DN 2000. These include cable carts and reels, satellite and well installations. At RICO we film according to the current level of technology and we work with scanner technology.

The RICO RPP® Hybrid-Technology is unique and unrivaled for both the accuracy of analysis and the productivity gain (speed of access to inspection results). In domestic connection is proposed a derivation technique allowing the establishment of a plan of situation.

With RICO we can progress. RICO products are highly compatible and therefore offer the possibility of integrating complementary installations and also technological improvements for lower investment costs in comparison.

Another customer service network and distribution partners assist RICO's customers. RICO wants to offer the best opportunities to specialists wanting to inspect water and sewer pipes - and that's where RICO stands out for itself and its products, and therefore the entire industry, the highest quality criteria.

RICO: with the original cable, always better

We often meet on the market cables that are not original RICO and trying to offset their possible disadvantage by particularly attractive prices. We want our customers' first-rate facilities to always be equipped with original cables, and since the IFAT 2008 we have published our special rate. What is extremely important here: In the event that any dealer sells a cable at a lower price, we refund to our customers the total price difference + 25% of the difference in the form of a purchase order!

Enjoy it, you will always have the highest quality.

Seizure of land drainage pipes with the RICO diversion unit

The RICO diversion unit, a novelty introduced for the first time at IFAT 2008 (see illustration on the first page), is an extension for push-wire inspection facilities that allows for the inspection of branch lines that are inaccessible in the field of domestic connections and drainage of land. The branching unit is mounted for this purpose at the end of the pushed cable, behind the inspection camera, and makes it possible, by means of the pivoting and the rotation of the camera situated in front, to direct the camera towards the pipeline. concerned to then push it into the conduit to be inspected.

In order for the RICO branch unit to easily orient itself in the duct, it has a comfortable "Zero Position" maneuvering function by which it can be automatically tilted and rotated from any position in one direction both horizontal and vertical. The branching unit is operational in ducts DN 100 to 200 and allows to adapt to the common angles of derivation. The RICO branching unit is used in conjunction with all RICO push cameras and in particular with the SR 50 rotating and rotating camera, which makes possible a complete all-round inspection in the relevant lateral pipes.

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