Selmar Technologies has been working since 1984 in the field of water treatment for water softeners (dissalatori) and the purification of the sea and brackish water.

The activity of the first Selmar now concerns the production of reverse osmosis watermakers for nautical, maritime, civil and industrial. Research and development of innovative products improve current production, to ensure highly qualified technical assistance and ensure customer satisfaction, which is the main goal of the company. Selmar projects and performs in its laboratories, equipped with modern instrumentation, the controllers of all systems are correlated with. Beyond the range of watermakers (dissalatori nautici) and their accessories, the complete range includes Watermakers also for edge black water and oil / water separator specify projected for pleasure.

All equipment proposed by Selmar, brings together every space and functional need, water softeners of Selmar's technologically advanced infants can be realized in "modular" configuration, and used where space is limited, or in compact configuration, assembled in a structure solid stainless steel. A long proven experience leads the company to offer high quality products, manufactured in accordance with international standards.

The quality of the system, certified by DNV in accordance with the ISO 9001/2008 standard, is a prestigious objective confirming the constant profuse commitment of the company for a better satisfaction of all the customers and always with the respect of the environment. For particular requirements, technical office SELMAR TECHNOLOGIES will be available to propose solutions, modify and make new systems adapted to the demand.

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