Solid Applied Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic level meters for industrial customers. Our non-contact equipment provides continuous measurement of liquid and solids levels in storage and processing applications. In addition, they are deployed in open channels where they are converted to a liquid stream.

Focus on the market:

- Applications in wastewater - under difficult conditions such as foam, methane, vapors and non-homogeneous substances.

- Petrochemical applications - vast experience of diesel and crude oil in storage tanks.

Chemical applications - sensors with high resistance to aggressive and corrosive materials.

Other important segments of the SolidAT market are the food, beverages and water industries.

Some products

SolidAT offers two main product lines: the cost-effective Mono-Micro range and the high-performance SmartScan range. Mono-Micro models are 2-wire monobloc systems. The flagship model is MonoScan with an exceptional range of 15 meters for its category. The MicroScan model is a product of the 5 meter range with an unbeatable price offer.

SmartScan models are 2-wire and 4-wire systems with local sensor and remote control unit. SmartScan50 is the flagship model of a range of applications. SmartScan25 is our copy model with a range of 40 meters.

Solutions - wireless applications

SolidAT, in collaboration with its third party partners, offers complete solutions for various applications. In particular, we focus on a broad range of wireless solutions based on GSM communications. In these applications, we have integrated local monitoring capability with SMS messaging for status reports and alert situations.


SolidAT operates and distributes 40 independent distributors and three regional offices. Our distribution network covers Europe, Europe and Asia, with a regional sales office in India, the Asia-Pacific region and a regional sales office in China, North and South America and Africa. Our sales people offer exceptional 24-hour pre-sales and after-sales services.

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