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Website for direct contact between manufacturers, distributors and buyers all around the world, the 1st B2B marketpalces network InfoWeb Market with its 100 B2B marketplaces allows to cover all the main professional markets and also to offer devices adapted to each of the communication actions (products, news, catalogs and video reports) across its universes: Agricultural / Architecture & Construction / Hospitality and catering / Industrial / Medical & Science.

Discover our 4 professional marketplaces grouping and organizing all the markets, products and services of the hotel, catering, tourism and outdoor hospitality :

InfoWeb Hospitality

Marketplace categories :

Catering equipment / Tableware, Accessories / Food, Drinks / Spa, Wellness, Fitness / Linen, Textile, Uniforms / Welcome products / Furniture, Decoration / Hotel equipment / Technologies, Software / Laundry, Hygiene / Services, Advice, Chains / Cafeteria, Snacking, Vending

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