Our traditional mechanical engineering company UNTHA based in Salzburg (Austria) specializes in the production of crushers and grinding plants for a wide variety of applications.

With more than 25 years of experience in crushing technology, we have made a significant contribution to the technical evolution of this sector. For example, the innovative technology of the UNTHA patented four-shaft grinding system with screen was developed in our factory: in 1981, UNTHA introduced the world's first mass-produced four-shaft shredder. In addition to this UNHTA-specific patent, the company has also contributed to the development of many other technical innovations and holds other patents.

Our vast technical know-how, our experience and our more than sixty highly qualified employees make us one of the most competent partners in this sector.

Development and know-how: the technical center UNTHA Shredders

We know the high demands of our customers on our products: total customer satisfaction and maximum quality are our top priority in all sectors. Thanks to the variety of possible combinations of our different machine models, we are able to offer our customers specific solutions that are perfectly adapted to their individual application areas.

To this end, we work closely with our customers and integrate them into the development process, which enables us to ensure an accurate understanding of our customers' requirements and the development of the most efficient solution possible.

Our technicians are assisted by state-of-the-art computer technologies such as CAD or FEM to develop individual grinding solutions ready to be developed in series. One of the key components of our design office is the modern visitor-accessible UNTHA Technical Center, our in-house demonstration center where we present and test productivity on our machines and grinders in the process phase. 'study. In our technical center, we work in cooperation with our customers using original materials to develop specific solutions and configure their crushers optimally.

In addition, the series of tests carried out in our technical center allow our research department to acquire new knowledge necessary for the development and realization of innovations in the field of grinders and cutting tools.

The final production and assembly of the UNTHA crushers from our customers is carried out in our state-of-the-art production halls in Kuchl.

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