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The Earth contains 366,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water. That's 366 quintillion gallons of water. Only .007% is potable. Today 7 billion of us share this precious resource. The ice on Kilimanjaro has shrunk 85% in 100 years. The Aral Sea -- once Asia's second-largest lake -- is one tenth the size it was 50 years ago. Groundwater depletion in Mexico City has made it sink 30 feet. 2 million residents now lack piped water. 1.2 billion people worldwide have no access to clean water. It's a thirsty planet. That cup of coffee this morning took 37 gallons of water to produce. That burger for lunch? 2,700 gallons! In the last century, population has tripled, water consumption has increased sixfold. But more people have a mobile phone than running water. We consume more water per capita in the U.S. (151 gallons per day) than in Europe (66 gallons per day) or Sub-Saharan Africa (5 gallons per day). Water sustains agriculture. Water sustains industry. Water sustains energy. Water sustains life. Together we can overcome our water challenges. The best minds are working on it.

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